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Preschool Dance

Dancers age three by September 1, will experience the joy of dance in a warm, inviting environment independent of caregivers. Students will be introduced to a variety of dance concepts and explore ways to move expressively with props, storytelling, and partner activities. Basic ballet skills are part of our brain-compatible curriculum and a focus on social-emotional learning from skilled teachers helps foster cooperation and creativity for our youngest dancers, as they participate in class on their own for the first time!

Tap Class

We offer tap dance classes to children, as well as adults. It is never too late to see if you could master this amazing style of dance. It does require regular practice to get good at it, but with our accommodating tap dance classes and close proximity to Thomasville, NC, we are confident we can have you tap dancing up a storm before too long. Our goal with our tap dance classes and any of our dance classes is to inspire, motivate and enrich the lives of our students. Whether you have never worn a pair of tap shoes in your life or have been tapping away for years, we are confident we have plenty to offer. Our skilled instructors, small class sizes, and state-of-the-art facility are just what you need to lift your spirits with the sound that is music all by itself.



This class is a favorite among many of our students. Everyone loves the opportunity to explore the ballet technique taught in this class, while also mastering the classic ballet barre. Our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets individual attention while keeping the class collaborative. These classes will include a recital piece.

Hip Hop

At Vision Dance we train dancers to move every part of their body; but in a proper and tasteful manner. We choose to honor and please God in our music, dress, and movement choices. We use Christian hip-hop music and keep the "Urban hip-hop culture" out of the studio. Hip Hop derives from street dances created in America during the 1970s, such as popping, locking, and breaking. Classes have a heavy focus on individual expression, rhythm, and musicality.


Adult Dance Classes

We offer Tap, ballet, hip hop, strength & flexibility, mommy & me, and COMPETITION classes for adults! This is fun you definitely don’t want to miss! 

Tumble Bugs

Tumble Bugs is our, preschool-age, tumbling class. Athletes will focus on beginning tumbling skills: cartwheels, backward rolls, handstands, bridges, and more!


Tumble 101

Children new to the gymnastics world will begin in this class. This will be a class that focuses on basic gymnastics skills and body positions. Backbends, handstands, and early kick-over work begin in Tumble 101!


Our Walkers class is focused, primarily, on front and back walkovers. These are two skills that are the segway to many more progressive skills! As athletes progress, and master these walkovers, they will begin skill training on early back handspring work.



Here at VDC, our Flippers class is one of our most popular! This is our back-handspring class! Athletes will work towards and master their back handspring, front handspring, and round-off back handspring. You must have a front and back walkover prior to joining this class.


This is an advanced-level tumble class for tucks and layouts. Athletes will focus on skills and drills that will improve their set, height, and technique for tumbling skills and combinations.  Must have back handspring mastered to join class.


Recreational Cheer

Our recreational cheer team is to provide the entire youth community with a positive experience at an appropriate level. We offer participants the opportunity to have fun while increasing your physical fitness, learn new cheerleading skills, tumbling, and stunting, teamwork, fair play, leadership, sportsmanship, time-management skills, cooperation, trust, and regard for others. This class will have a Recital performance in June and will have a uniform, bow, and cheer shoes.


This class is created for boys only of all ages to participate in courses, and trampolines, and gain strength and flexibility.


Mommy and Me

This class is designed specifically for caregivers and their child. You will assist your child during class as they learn new skills from forward rolls, backward rolls, and beginning cartwheels. Along with tumbling skills, your child will focus on balance, flexibility, and fine motor skills. Enjoy watching your child grow athletically while working alongside them in this fun, hands-on class!


Must Attend Tryouts July 10th-13th. Our VDC Cheer Comp teams follow The Open Championship Series rules and regulations. We focus on NC-only competitions to achieve great support from local family and friends. No experience necessary! Seasoned cheerleaders, along with "new to the sport" athletes are welcome!



We offer competition and all genres of dance and for all ages. Tryouts for these classes will happen in the summer see the front desk for more information.

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